Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gallery Started

Happy Hump Day.

I uploaded a few (yes, only 3 for now) images in the "Gallery" this weekend.  I will be sharing more of my work with you as it relates to my posts or because I think you will enjoy them. (Or, when I get off of my lazy rear end and scan them--which ever happens first.)

The image I want to highlight today is late for Memorial Day (life happens, right), but dedicated to all the soldiers in my life, none-the-less. (I never completely understood that phrase).

Although Memorial Day is to honor those who have given and lost their life in the line of duty, my soldiers, thank God, are still here and often aggravating the crap out of me. Again, thank God, right?!

My son-in-law, Layton (see pic insert), is in Iraq right now.  Please pray that he comes home safely in September and can work on making me a grandmother (Nana, actually).  My brother, Kendall, who I never get to see even though he lives on 45-minutes away-- I know he's alive and well because he has current posts on Facebook.  Last but not least my husband, Michael, who should be awarded a medal of honor just for putting up with me and and constantly stepping over my never ending piles of books and art supplies.

I will be starting my post(s) on visual art journaling later this week - CHECK BACK SOON!

Te Amo'

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