Monday, May 24, 2010

Hand In Hand Passion - no...not that kind!!!

Happy Monday.

I am SO excited.  My husband bought me an iPad this weekend!!! Can you believe it?  I have no idea how I will utilize it, but I love it.  It is the coolest thing.  I really have no designated utility for it yet, but did I mention that I love it?  It's a 32mb+Wi-Fi +3G.  Totally cool!!

My first thought is I would use it when I'm melting my makeup off at my 7 year old sons baseball practice (as opposed to walking, exercising, or pretending I'm watching, of course) and all the while wondering is anybody else's ass sweating??  Or, when I'm watching that a kid doesn't stick their grimy fingers in my pizza while it's sitting on the table at the germ-topia Chuck-e-Cheese.  Yea, that's when I could really use it.

Of course there are the more practical uses that I will discuss with you as I discover them.  For beginners, keeping up and developing this Blog.  Especially because as I sit here and write, I am the only one who is subscribed to my blog.  How sad is that?  I've been assured that will change.  (I will be having a sign up Give-Away soon, so keep checking back.) Although, I did have 37 hits on my Facebook page.  That's encouraging.

As some of you may know, I am a computer technology teacher by day, and a whole bunch of other things by night...mother, wife, photographer, artist, avid book reader, and the list goes on.  The passions at the top of my list are photography and technology/computer stuff.  Since everything is grown "digitally" these days, it makes sense right?  The two go hand in hand.  What good is a digital image without a computer to store and process it?  While you can get a decent (and I use that word loosely) print from an image you either edit in camera, or don't edit at all, a whole new world of creativity, sharpness and color open up when you process your image using Imaging Software.

So... I found the coolest thing while trolling my blog roll tonight.  Something that definitely says "Tena." Something that signifies the two things I love and "do."  I found it on a site called Photojojo.  I've looked through a book at B&N they currently have published, but I have to admit I didn't purchase it.  In fact I can't even tell you what is in it--but the site is pretty cute.

(and no, I don't get paid to talk about or refer you to other blogs--in case you were wondering)  Hmm, I wonder how I can make that happen?

Anyway, what the heck am I rambling about?  It's called a "Camera Dial Laptop Decal."  I HAVE to get one.  My dilemma?  Which one do I get?  I can't decide.
This one can go on my MacBook - technically not my property but I won't be giving it up soon or without a fight.

This one is for the iPad - technically, I do own.



**notice the pretty Nikon camera**

It's not cheap enough (for me) at $18 each, to get both - so what do you think?  It is removable, and I think reusable.

[Yes, I already thought about creating a similar image and printing it on a vinyl sheet and using that, but they always peel off and get dirty around the edges. So that's out.]

I promise I will get back to the art journaling after I wind down this final week at school.  This has been the longest week of my life.  I don't really understand it since we had a really good year and it went by super fast.  Summer art projects are beckoning, I guess that's it.

Have a wonderful week and Welcome Summer Vaca !!!


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