Monday, June 28, 2010

Beach Memories (pre oil spill nightmare)

Hi everyone.  I hope you are enjoying your summer. We start back to school in a little over 4-weeks.  It sure is flying by.

Since we choose to cancel our Gulf Coast beach vacay this year, I wanted to remember our last trip that was filled with fun, sun, & memories. It greatly saddens me to think it might not be safe to bring my child back to the beach for many years.  While I am not a sun goddess by any stretch (my auto immune issues prevent this), I love the sound and smell of the water.

I love watching my son discover and catch the many small creatures living in the sand and water.
I love watching his pride as he releases these small animals back to their watery home.
I love the laughter after a big wave has just swept him off his feet.
I love watching him win ALL the boogie board races against his dad.

Little toes in the sand--there's nothing sweeter.

The wave sneaking up behind him caught him off guard and off of his feet.

Silly, Silly, boy!
The boy can't keep a straight face for nothing - I love that about him!
One of my favorite shots of the day!  Just soaking it all in.

Just seconds before the wave washed his hard work away.
Bye-Bye beach, until......

I read that it takes 3 large bottles of Dawn to clean just one pelican--THREE!!  I am going to find an organization I can donate some Dawn to!

Have you canceled your plans to visit the Gulf Coast beaches this summer? Where are you going instead?  Do tell!


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