Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another New Door To Open

Hi friends. Long time no see!

I thought.  I thought for a long time. I thought and planned for a long time before creating a blog--before deciding upon a topic. Well...I thought wrong.  Not "wrong" exactly, just not exactly right.  My goal was to create an artful, teaching, informative, interesting, and humorous distraction.  It hasn't quite turned out that way--not yet. I've been side-tracked by an injury and surgery and have badly neglected my blog before it really got started. That sidetrack has me re-thinking my direction.

I stalk numerous beautiful, inspiring, well written blogs. Blogs that I want mine to be like when it grows up. I've motivated a few of my friends to start blogs and they have done so successfully.  All the while my blog stagnates from inactivity. My posts never seem to materialize as I would like them to. And even though I was an English major (once-among other things), I stumble with my expression.  When I read back my writing to myself, it never emulates in the poetic style in which I envision or desire.  I'm so brilliant in my own brain (ha ha). Why doesn't that always translate in writing? 

What the heck am I rambling about??  I'll try to explain.
One of the christian blogs I follow is "Bring the Rain."  It's authored by a God and people loving, heart broken, humble, sincere girl named Angie Smith. I discovered her blog about a year ago while stalking another blog, and I can assure you she has no clue as to who I am. There was a recent post where she spoke about the books she used as her bible study tools.  While I enjoyed reading the post, she didn't say anything unique in the sense of disclosing some earth altering secrets--she simply listed a few books and a couple of bible translations she liked to study from.  I had heard of, or read, most of the books before. Like I said... nothing mind-blowing per se'... but yet possible life altering for some. The impressive part was the comments from her readers. I was amazed as I pondered the responses to this post. It was incredible to me how SHE moved and motivated her readers simply by listing "what she does."  The power of her words moved these people into action. At the very least, enough for them to entertain the possibility to start or renew their pursuit of know what the bible teaches.  Wow! The power of the written word is incredible.

Now--realize--this didn't happen from someone reading just her one post.  It came from a trust and respect that was built upon over time.  Over time spent getting to know a small part of her, her incredible journey, and her spirit--by repeatedly visiting, reading, and RELATING to her words/blog.  She's moves and motivates people--what a beautiful gift, huh?

My Point: I aspire to have my words/works inspire more than one somebody in a positive, creative or passionate direction. That would be so cool. It won't be in the way that Angie or any other blogger does it, but in my own unique way. My perpetual work in progress.

(I already think this post is too long and my 3 readers have probably X'd off by now!)
My interests (and moods) are varied and practically change with the seasons. The consistent things in my life, since I was very young, are photography, writing, art, and religion. I see a story in everything around me like a voice inside my head that never shuts up. I see art and inspiration constantly. There's a lot going on in this peanut brain of mine. So! That's just what I'm gonna write about--what ever I'm passionate about and working on in the moment. Hopefully if will be a little entertaining, motivating, or humorous. And perhaps along the way someone will be inspired--at least enough to visit my blog again. (Jen Lancaster said it's absolutely okay to start a sentence with the word "and"--so nah.)

We'll see how round two goes!  Ding, ding.


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  1. Yeah! You're back! Say a prayer to the Holy Spirit when you sit down to your computer each day, and let it flow!! I look forward to following you, as you have followed me. Thanks for your encouragement and support! You'll never know how much this has meant to me.



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