Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sweet Shot

Because I am no longer an "active" professional photographer and let my website and online portfolio go, I haven't been posting many of my images for general viewing.  In fact, I haven't been motivated to take many creative images at all.  Which is in stark contrast to my past, to my personality. Although I still don't go any place without a camera, my creativity has been in a big funk. This is my grand attempt at 1) rebuilding my blog; 2) sharing some of my favorite images and attempting to re-motivate this gift.

This week I am starting with one of my favorite images. Because my daughter (and her wonderful soldier husband) is the subject of this one I'm probably a bit bias. None-the-less, I love it and hope you will too. This was taken outside the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans as part of her engagement shoot.


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